Best Dry Cleaner Nearby

Tips to Find the Best Dry Cleaner Nearby

When it comes to looking for the best dry cleaner in your area, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that you find the best one for your needs. We did the research and legwork for you, so all you have to do is sit back, relax and read our tips. Once you do, you can easily apply them to your own active search and have your clothes cleaned, pressed, altered, and more by the best of the best in your immediate area.

Dry Cleaner Online Reviews

1. Best Reviews

One sure way to determine who is best for you is to look up their reviews. It’s best to practice looking up reviews from multiple sources to cross-reference validity. For example, see if they have Google Reviews, a Facebook Business Page, Yelp Reviews, and any others that may generate upon a search of “best dry cleaners near me.” It’s important to pay attention to how many reviews make up the sum of the total star ratings as well. Someone can have 5-stars from 3 reviews, but a business with 4.8 stars from 200 reviews looks better.

Green Dry Cleaner in Boston

2. Green & Non-Toxic Dry Cleaner

When searching for the best dry cleaners near you, make sure to include green and non-toxic in your keywords. You will also know if a dry cleaner is green or non-toxic by the wording (or lack of) on their business site. These are important factors because traditional dry cleaners tend to use many harsh chemicals. Green dry cleaners are better for the workers, the environment as a whole, and the longevity of your articles of clothing. 

Dry cleaning and laundry institute

3. Accreditations & Associations

You’re starting to narrow down a few dry cleaners in your area with good reviews and that is non-toxic, great! What can help you further narrow down your choices? Take a look at their business’s website to see if they are a part of any professional associations such as Dry Cleaning & Laundry Institute (DLI) or accredited in any manner. This can help you to determine their level of training, professionalism, and knowledge.

Dry Cleaner Satisfaction and Policy

4. Garment Policies

A key factor many people miss when looking for their next dry cleaner is the garment policy. You want to be sure that you are clear on the business’s protocol when it comes to damaged or, worse, lost garments. You are entrusting this business with your clothing, likely some pieces that were an investment to you. Be sure to look up the policy online and confirm it with a phone call prior to placing an order.

Dry Cleaner Services

5. Services Offered

Dry cleaners can offer a wide variety of services. From pressing clothes to altering them, providing garment boxes for important items such as wedding dresses, tuxes, and more. Be sure to look up the local business’s services page and see that it aligns with your personal needs before selecting them. If services are not listed online, call or stop by in person to ask for their full range.

Dry Cleaner Pickup and Delivery

6. Delivery & Pick-Up Options

If you’re like most people, you want an option that fits into the convenience of your life. Take a look to see if they offer pick-up, drop-off, and delivery. If this isn’t as important to you, look and their days and hours of operations to ensure that it works with your schedule for when you need to drop off and pick up garments. If they deliver, be sure to confirm that your address is within their delivery range before placing an order.

Dry Cleaner Plant

7. Dry cleaning is handled in-house for the best results

Dry cleaners who don’t own their facilities may not be able to give you the quality of service that is promised. If a dry cleaner outsourced your garment, then there’s no way to ensure that all cleaning processes will be handled professionally and with care. Therefore, if you are searching for High-quality dry cleaner nearby, make sure they own their dry cleaning plant, and all cleaning is taken care of in-house.

Experienced Dry cleaner

8. Years in Business

Last, take a look at how long the dry cleaner has been operating. If they just opened last year and don’t have many reviews, this could be worth a shot as new places often offer special promotions. If you’re not willing to take a risk on a newer or smaller business, instead look for ones with longevity. Find a business that has been in operation for several years and is backed by the reviews to show it.


With the above tips and tricks of the trade, you’re armed with the best knowledge of what to look for when it comes to finding and choosing the best dry cleaners near you.