Leather, Suede, & Fur Cleaning

Leather, suede, and fur can be tricky to keep looking like new. With our expert cleaners, you can ensure we will clean these materials fully and treat them to make sure they are restored to their former glory. Bring us your leather coats, furs, handbags, hats, shoes, and other specialty items for cleaning or repair. We even clean and restore Uggs!

Leather Cleaning

Leather Cleaning

Leather looks good, and you look good wearing it. To keep it that way, clean it every year. Our leather specialist knows how to best clean and restore your leather garment.

Handbag & Purse cleaning

We know how much you love and invest in your favorite handbag and purse. It requires a great deal of skill and experience to clean and get the dirt and stains out. Our professional cleaning is preform by hand, and we will make sure your favorite handbag or purse looks clean and fresh. We can clean any handbag, whether it’s a small beaded handbag, vintage purse, or leather tote bag.

Handbag and purse cleaning
Seasonal Coat Cleaning

Seasonal Coat Dry Cleaning

When the chilly season comes around you, want to ensure your coats are clean and ready to wear. Hiding in the back of your closet all year can leave a coat musty and dusty. Leave any type of outwear with us, and we will make it feel fresh and new again.

Shoe Cleaning

We have been cleaning and restoring women’s and men’s shoes in the Boston area for years. If you have any sneakers or Uggs that need a good cleaning, we can clean and shine them to perfection. We also can clean other materials, such as suede, to get your boots, pumps, or sneakers looking to their former glory.

Ugg and sneaker shoe cleaning in Boston

Get your items looking new again