Skilled tailor working on alterations in Boston

Alteration and Tailoring Services

We believe that looking and feeling your best reflects self-confidence, and it also improves your mood, which helps with living a happier life. We’re here to make sure that you always look your best. Our in-house expert tailers offer a full range of alterations, repairs, and tailoring needs to keep your clothes looking their best. You can get anything from minor repairs to complete modifications.


Getting the perfect hem sewn can be tricky as you navigate the correct length and quality, so it upholds through the years. We specialize in perfectly fitted hems for all your needs

Hems Alterations
Zippers repair and alterations

Replacing zippers

Don’t think you need to get a whole new jacket or pair of jeans if your zipper has broken. We can replace your broken zipper quickly, so your garment looks just like it did when you got it.

Lining repairs

The interior of a jacket can reflect years of damage and wear and tear to the fabric. Our expert tailors can repair your jacket linings or even replace them if need be.

Professional tailor lining
Patches and trims by expert tailors


You have a unique style, and we want to help you reflect that! Providing alterations in patches, unique trims, or anything else that would encapsulate your unique look, we are excited to help with.

Replacing buttons

Buttons and other small items used to help close garments are one of the easiest things to damage and lose accidentally. No worries! We will do whatever we can to get as close to a replica and make your garment look good as new.

Buttons Repair
Tailor working on alteration

Taking-in or letting out

Having the perfect fit of a garment can make or break the way the garment, and you look. Something too big or too small can look messy or make you not love the way your body looks. Take your garment to us to ensure all your clothes “fit like a glove”.

Beading repairs

Beading can be a tricky process, but any damaged beaded bag or wedding dress can keep its gorgeous look with our expert tailors

Beading repairs
Pocket hole repair

Repairing holes

Losing spare change? Come to us for pocket repairs so you can keep your hands warm and belongings safe.

Call our location near you for a complete list of alterations and repairs.