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Dry Cleaning in Boston

We’re Columbus Dry Cleaners — a local go-to for top-tier Boston dry cleaning and all your fabric care needs.

We believe that your wardrobe deserves exceptional care and attention. When you spend good money on custom tailored, high end, couture, and quality brands, you want to ensure these pieces stay clean and maintained for years to come.

Columbus Dry Cleaners offers the safe and meticulous garment care required by each individual piece that comes through our doors. Every item is carefully inspected, examined and cleaned according to its specific needs to ensure an exceptional outcome. We staff our locations with a team of long-time, highly skilled pros committed to ensuring your clothes are cleaned to the highest standard and returned to you in superior condition.

Comprehensive Dry Cleaning Services

We offer a spectrum of services to meet your dry cleaning needs and fabric care needs. From expert, professional cleaning, stain removal, and pressing to more specialized services such as tailoring & alterations, wash, dry & fold, wedding gown cleaning, restoration & heir looming, leather cleaning, drapery removal, cleaning and re-hanging service, household & linen cleaning, theatrical costumes and attire, and even stuffed animals! We’re armed with the equipment and expertise to handle any job. Our state-of-the-art facilities and eco-friendly cleaning methods transform even the most beleaguered garments.

Every article we return to you will feel like it’s just coming off the department store rack. If you’re searching for reliable dry cleaning in Boston, Columbus Dry Cleaners guarantees all of the following:

  • A detailed inspection that includes spot-checking for stains and tightening up any loose threads or buttons free of charge.
  • Thorough dry cleaning and expert stain removal using a 100% non-toxic odorless eco-conscious solvent and the most advanced equipment in the industry.
  • A complete post-clean quality control inspection to ensure the garment looks as good as new.
  • A careful press and steam
  • A final quality control inspection before placing the garment in its own protective bag to return to you, ready to wear.
Dry Cleaning Pickup and Delivery Service

Take Advantage of Convenient Pick-up & Delivery

As the dry cleaner Boston residents consistently rely on for prompt and impeccable service, we understand that your time is valuable. Each Columbus Dry Cleaners location offers complimentary pick-up and delivery — right to your home or office. No more rushing across town or worrying that you won’t make it in before we close. Rest assured we will always be available to answer all your questions. Our convenient delivery app, CCC Delivery, not only allows you immediate access to your assigned personal driver and our Route Manager, but also keeps you informed and up to date on every stage your items are in our process. We’re here to make your life easier!

Support an Eco-Conscious Process

Columbus Dry Cleaners is dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and doing our part to protect the planet. Because we’re committed to environmentally friendly cleaning methods, we use Sensene, a powerful yet non-toxic, biodegradable solvent that is gentle on both your clothes and the environment.

Echo-Friendly Green Dry Cleane in Boston

Columbus Dry Cleaners Goes the Extra Mile… and Then Some

We’ve earned a reputation for providing the dry cleaning Boston recognizes as a cut above the rest. In addition to our standard dry cleaning services, we also offer laundry, leather and suede cleaning, wedding dress preservation, and more. Whether you need a suit cleaned for a business meeting or a dress cleaned for a special occasion, our team is here to help. Feel free to contact us directly with any questions or to schedule a pick-up.

Expedited Dry Cleaning

We pride ourselves on our ability to get your dry cleaning to you as fast as possible. All our locations offer expedited turnaround for standard dry cleaning services. Feel free to drop off your garments on the way to work and pick them up on the way home! For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact your preferred location.

Same Day Dry cleaning and laundry services

Keep your professional wardrobe looking its best


What is dry cleaning?

Dry cleaning is a way to clean clothes without the typical usage of water. We use non-aqueous solvents to clean dirt, stains, and odors out of clothes without risking any water damage to your garments. 

Why should I dry clean my clothes?

Dry cleaning is safer for delicate fabrics as it increases the longevity of the clothing item by not wearing out the garment. An experienced dry cleaner can also ensure that any stains are pre-treated and cleaned based on the source and fabric type.

What is wet cleaning?

Wet cleaning uses modern cleaning technology to professionally clean garments without harmful chemical solvents. As a result, wet cleaning is the most environmentally friendly professional method of garment cleaning. Unlike dry cleaning, water is used in this process, and it uses special machinery to maintain the size and feel of the garment.

Does dry cleaning kill germs?

Yes. Dry cleaning is a great way to ensure your clothes are clean and free of harmful bacteria. Both the cleaning detergents and steaming are great for killing germs. 

Which Garments Should be Dry Cleaned?

Most upscale fabrics should be brought to a professional cleaning service to preserve their natural luster and form.

  • Business suits & shirts
  • Collared & special fabric shirts
  • Women’s dresses
  • Slacks, pants or skirts
  • Various formal attire
  • Fabrics like silk, velvet, wool, leather, chiffon, merino and more
  • Purses or special bags 
  • Wedding dresses / Formal dresses
We’re excited to help make your life easier by providing quality garment care services that will keep you looking sharp!