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Who are the Best Dry Cleaners Near Boston?

We often turn to dry cleaners for our most delicate or expensive items. Whether you want to get a new suit ready for an interview or spruce up your favorite winter coat, you need to be wise about which business you trust with the job. It leads to the question: Who are the best dry cleaners near Boston?

That depends on your individual needs and circumstances, but this guide will run through the key considerations involved in hiring a dry cleaner in Boston — finishing off with why Columbus Dry Cleaners could be a great option.

Key Factors to Consider 

One person’s perfect dry cleaner might be a poor fit for someone else — we all have different priorities and preferences. When you’re combing through your options, here are a few factors to look out for.


Do you keep a regular schedule for your dry-cleaning, or are your needs more as-and-when? This can make all the difference about which business you should choose — some dry cleaners offer lots of last-minute or same-day appointments, while others keep a tighter schedule and require you to book in advance.

You also need to consider what times and days you’re likely to want for your appointments, and check they’re compatible with the schedule of your dry cleaner. For instance, are they open 24 hours a day and during weekends, or only during working hours?

Environmental Responsibility 

For many people, dry cleaning is a necessity — but it also has an environmental impact. Data shows that most people in the US would like to make lifestyle changes that align with their ethics, and choosing the right dry cleaner can play an important role in helping you do that. Some businesses make more effort than others to reduce their carbon footprint.

If ethics matters to you, make sure you ask an organization how it keeps its practices as ecological as possible — if it can’t give you an answer, it may be time to rethink your decision.


Do you want to prioritize quality or proximity? And if quality is more important, how far would you be willing to travel to get it?

The answer to these questions will depend partly on your lifestyle and needs. For instance, the more personal and work commitments you have, the less you’re likely to want to travel. This doesn’t mean you need to choose a dry cleaner close to your house — you may prefer a dry cleaner close to your workplace or your children’s school rather than your primary residence.

However, bear in mind that some dry cleaners are happy to travel to you. This leads nicely to our next point.

Additional services

All dry cleaning businesses will freshen up your clothes, but the services you need may not stop there. For instance, you may want a business that can pick up your clothes or drop them off for you when they’re finished (or both of the above). 

This is a convenient service, but it’s likely to limit your choices since not every dry cleaner offers it.


In an ideal world, choosing the dry cleaner you work with carefully would mean that you receive a high-quality service and you’re left 100% satisfied. Yet in reality, that’s not always going to be the case — there will be times when things don’t go to plan. For instance, the business owner or other staff could encounter an emergency and not be able to clean your clothes in time. Or, even worse, your clothes could get lost or damaged.

It’s therefore important to know what will happen when unfortunate situations occur. Will the company give you a refund plus compensation, or will you have to cut your losses? What will happen if they’re running late? Do they have an insurance policy? Don’t wait until the worst happens to find out.

Management of Difficult Jobs

If your clothes have stains or marks that are hard to remove, you need to think especially hard about which dry cleaning company you work with. Giving a dry cleaner a difficult task can also be a good way to weed out the bad apples — you could even purposely give a dry cleaner your most stained item.

Are they able to return the garment as good as new? And how well do they fare in other aspects, such as customer service and punctuality?

Is Columbus Dry Cleaners Right for You?

We’ve run through our recommendations for what to look for in a dry cleaner. Now, it’s time to introduce our own services at Columbus Cleaners in Boston so you can figure out if we’re a good fit for your needs.

With many satisfied customers under our belt and a comprehensive range of services, we make the perfect choice for anyone who wants to prioritize quality and customer service. We haven’t been voted the Best 2022 Dry Cleaner in Boston by Boston Magazine for nothing. Here’s why.

Full Range of Services

As we’ve discussed already, dry cleaning is about more than just the cleaning. Columbus Cleaners offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure we can meet all your needs.

This includes picking up and dropping off your clothes and separating your colors. We’ll come straight to your house and handle everything for you, meaning you have more time left to direct to other tasks. 

Plus, if you’re unhappy with the quality, we’ll wash your clothes a second time to ensure you always get what you’re paying for.

We’re happy to carry out laundry and dry cleaning for owners or guests in Airbnbs as well as our usual clients — there’s nobody we can’t help.

Useful App

Communication is an important part of working with a dry cleaner — you need to schedule your appointments. Our useful app makes this as easy as possible, allowing you to make bookings on the go. It’s available through both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

However, if you prefer to do things traditionally, you can also make bookings through our website.

Find the Best Dry Cleaners Near Boston Today

As we’ve said, the best dry cleaners near Boston for you will depend on your priorities and the kinds of services you want. 
Whatever you’re looking for, chances are that Columbus Cleaners can help you. With a range of services that includes pick-up and delivery your clothes for you, you can’t go wrong.